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Digital Events/Activities
May 14, 2020

IDEA: Car Scavenger Hunt

Our youth group loves photo scavenger hunts. We usually do them driving around town or at the mall. In the time of COVID, a student and I came up with…
Digital Events/Activities
May 14, 2020

IDEA: Where’s My Youth Pastor?

To encourage my students and to give them a safe excuse to leave their house, I created a "Where's Waldo"-type activity. I gave them a set area where I would…
Digital Events/Activities
May 13, 2020

Orange Students: Digital Senior Sunday

Give your seniors a celebration service they won’t forget with Senior Sunday: A Digital Senior Celebration For The Whole Family. WHAT’S INCLUDED With Senior Sunday: A Digital Senior-Celebration For The Whole Family…
Digital Events/ActivitiesYouth Group Online/Program Ideas
May 13, 2020

Name That Baby Graduate

Name That Baby Graduate is a fun way to recognize your seniors in the midst of this disappointing season for them! Simply gather a baby photo from each senior, display…

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FeaturedSmall Groups OnlineYouth Group Online/Program Ideas
March 27, 2020

Youth Group Online: Taking your programming to the next level

Doug and Josh share what’s next for their ministry’s weekly programs and what might be next for yours in this 45 minute video training. Hint: it’s less about improving production…
Digital Events/ActivitiesFeatured
March 23, 2020

Instagram Quarantine Questionnaire

We created this fun Instagram story interactive graphic. We asked students to fill it out, post it and tag friends to do the same. It helps students share their thoughts…
Digital Events/ActivitiesFeatured
March 23, 2020

Daily Instagram Story Challenge

This week we are beginning a Daily Instagram Story Challenge for our students. The goal is to get students thinking about one another, looking forward to seeing what their friends…
Digital Events/ActivitiesFeatured
March 20, 2020

GAME IDEA: Text Scavenger Hunt

Here is a resource as you try to help families maximize the time they have together these next few weeks. Our ministry normally does this as a big youth group…



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