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A Short Message For DYM Gold Members from Doug & Josh

By April 6, 2020Ministry Strategy

DYM loves its members—we have an office theme song “Members rule!” (yeah, it’s a short song). Anyway, we’re really excited about every month’s membership offerings. We wanted to take a second and walk you through the goodness of what you get this month. It’s been a wild ride the past month or so, and there’s no signs of slowing down—which means we’re working day and night to help you get the resources you need to stream and be social and engage with your students in a new and emerging way.

This month, we’ve stacked the membership way beyond the $20 in store credit & the normal, multiple discounts. Members get a game, a video (which we used in our youth ministry stream this week already – get the scoop on all of that right here) and all of our Youth Group LIVE! assets (graphics, social media, videos, teaching transcripts, etc…) that we’ve been using. There’s also great stuff for student leaders to do on their own, plus bonus freebies that you’ll want to use the minute your group gets back together: Crowd Star. This is a killer lineup of stuff for members:

And here’s just one of them in greater detail, it’s fun to unpack the goodness of just ONE of them. Being a Gold Member makes so much sense—when you may have to make big cuts and tough decisions in the weeks ahead, DYM gives you SO much value for just a few bucks a week. So here’s the MYSTERY item in full detail, the Youth Night LIVE! :

Beyond that there’s the Sidekick app that’s proving to be perfect for your streams, the Leader Training Library to share with your leaders, the Newsletter Builder App to send correspondence to your people. Goodness, it just makes so much sense! No wonder so many youth workers been with us for years and are so contagious about spreading the good news of membership.

All in all, it’s a GREAT month to be a DYM Gold Member! We’re thankful for you and honored to serve your church (and the TONS of new churches who are just discovering us in the past month who are members now) and know youth ministry is in GREAT hands through challenging times.

Here’s the latest episode of the DYM Members-only podcast (describing this month’s member items) as well if you want to listen as well:

We stand shoulder to shoulder with you, honored to be reaching the next generation alongside you.


Doug Fields & Josh Griffin
Youth pastors … and founders of Download Youth Ministry

PS: If you’ve never been a DYM Gold Member and taken advantage of the Greatest Deal in the History of YM … you can do a FREE 60-day trial and get all this instantly and 2 MORE months worth for exactly ZERO dollars. No credit card. Nothing. Ziltch. Zip. $0.00. Get the scoop right here and go download crazy today.

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