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GAME: Balderdash Online

By April 17, 2020April 14th, 2021Digital Events/Activities

Here is how you can play Balderdash online!

  1. Use the website to find words that nobody knows the definitions of.
  2. Participants take turns acting as “judge” to generate a word. The go to the random word generator website and read the word aloud to the participants.
  3. Everyone else texts their imagined definitions to the judge.
  4. The judge reads each definition aloud, calmly and clearly (including the real definition).
  5. When the judge is done reading all definitions, everyone votes on which definition of the word they think is the real definition (you can just tally the votes on a piece of paper).
  6. One point goes to the creator of the fake definition for every vote it gets. Two points to the judge if nobody guesses the correct definition (have everyone keep track of their points or have a designated score keeper in the group).
  7. Start again with a new judge until everyone gets a turn to be judge.
  8. Add points at the end and announce the winner!
How I used this in my context
I haven't yet -- I'm about to try it with youth via Zoom.
Josh (My own family's - we played it with friends)


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