GAME IDEA: Text Scavenger Hunt

By March 20, 2020April 14th, 2021Digital Events/Activities, Featured

Here is a resource as you try to help families maximize the time they have together these next few weeks. Our ministry normally does this as a big youth group event every year, but we found ways to do it digitally. Really trying to give parents some good connect time with their students!

Enjoy our graphics, rules, list of items/challenges, etc. and feel free to be inspired by it to create your own event or tweak this to fit your ministry setting!

How I used this in my context
We do this in person every year but will do it online this year. If you’d like to see how we do it, we are running this event on Wednesday, March 25th on Instagram Live. Our handle is @fccstudents.
Josh Schack (First Christian Church, Santa Maria)


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