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GAME IDEA: Wednesday Challenge

By March 22, 2020Digital Events/Activities

I told my students I would make a post on social media that had clues in it to a specific location in our area. It was a few small paragraphs. The first student to text me with the correct answer would win a prize. The prize was two double cheese combo meals from the drive-thru of this local little burger joint in or town. So when a couple of students won, I drove over, paid for their meals, and supported a local business. Next week I’m going to deliver some pizzas the same way.

Here is what I posted…

Wednesday Challenge

This is going to be a little cheesy today, but if you solve this little mental puzzle from all the words in this ENTIRE message, you’ll get a prize to a local business somewhere around Hamilton.

I know we are all feeling like we’re boxed in and a little stir crazy this week. Maybe we feel like we’re surrendering like the French. That’s ok. Don’t let your anxiety double you over, drive you crazy or box up your feelings. That will just fry you up on the inside.

Send a message to me at xxx-xxx-xxxx and if you’re the first person around lunch time to text me with the right answer of the location, you win the prize. You will be able to tell me when you want to claim your prize after you get permission from your parents.

May the odds be ever in your favor! Blessings, Ty

How I used this in my context
I used it to engage with students online and add a little fun to their day. Texted it out at noon and waited for the first correct answers. They came in quick. I told the students I would go to the winning location, a local burger place called, "The Lunch Box" and pre-pay for two double cheese combo meals for them and leave a note with the owner for when they came in to claim their food in the drive thru. He was totally cool with this. I had to do it this way because I'm not allowed to buy gift certificates or hand out cash.
Ty Hogue


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