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GAME: Text Me Trivia

We played “Text Me Trivia” at youth group online this week with our middle schoolers!

I had my son (as host) ask 10 trivia questions (and a bonus question) having to do with kids’ shows (our students are ages 11-14).  They had 30 seconds after he asked the question to text me the correct answer.  They got points for every right answer in 30 seconds (plenty of time by the way) and 60 seconds for the bonus question.  It was super fun.  Next time I’ll play music with a 30 second count down in the background instead of just hearing me laugh at the funny text answers, but it was a success.  I’ll be sending the winner a prize in the mail this week.

Feel free to create your own trivia questions and play this game over and over again (there’s tons of trivia out there)!

Text Me Trivia

Object:  to be the person who gets the most answers correct within the allotted time.

Supplies:  trivia questions sheet, cell phones, live stream online, tally sheet with all the students’ names on it, timer set to 30 seconds, prize for the winner to send in the mail (or through Amazon).


  1. Write a 11 question trivia questions sheet. Any trivia questions will do, but it’s more fun to do it in a theme (Bible Characters, Kids’ Shows, Marvel Universe, Things that are Blue, etc).
  2. Make sure all the students have your phone number (or a pre-set Google number for this purpose).
  3. Have one person ask the trivia questions from the trivia questions sheet.
  4. Have one person run the 30 second timer (on a cell phone works great)
  5. Have one person (getting the texts) with a tally sheet with all the students’ names on it and when the students text give each person a point.
  6. Give 60 seconds for the bonus round(s), so students can talk to their parents to get help.
  7. Have the person running the timer add up all the points as you are telling the students the answers and finish doing announcements (or whatever is next in your plan) and then announce the winner before signing off.
  8. Send the winner a prize in the mail or through Amazon!

Text Me Trivia Sample Questions:

Kid Shows

  1. What is Dora the Explorer’s monkey’s name? (Boots)
  2. What is Elmo’s goldfish’s name? (Dorothy)
  3. Name a blue muppet from Sesame Street. (Grover, Cookie Monster)
  4. Is Blue on Blue’s Clues a boy dog or a girl dog? (Girl)
  5. What is Pikachu? (A Pokemon)
  6. Which of Strawberry Shortcake’s pets talk – Pupcake the dog or Custard the cat? (Custard)
  7. Name one Veggie Tale Character who is not a vegetable. (Bob the Tomato, Pa Grape, Madam Blueberry, Bacon Bill)
  8. What is the name of the construction worker who talks to construction machines? (Bob the Builder)
  9. In Superhero Squad, what does Hulk say before he destroys something? (“Hulk, Smash!”)
  10. What is the name of the girl Smurf with blonde hair? (Smurfette)
  11. You may need to get help from your parents on this one and you’ll get a full minute to answer! BONUS QUESTION: What is Mr. Rogers’ first name?  (Fred)


Marvel Superheroes

  1. What is Steve Rogers’ superhero name? (Captain America)
  2. What is Ironman’s wife’s name? (Pepper Potts)
  3. What is Thor’s adopted brother’s name? (Loki)
  4. What kind of animal is Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy? (Racoon)
  5. What is Spider-man’s best buddy’s name in the most recent Spider-man movies? (Ned)
  6. What is Doctor Strange’s first name? (Stephen)
  7. What was Captain Marvel’s job before she was a superhero? (pilot)
  8. Who is Nick Fury’s trusty right-hand man and leader of the Agents of Shield? (Agent Phil Coulson)
  9. Who is the Avenger most able to calm Hulk down when he’s angry? (Black Widow)
  10. How many children does Hawkeye have? (3)
  11. BONUS: What are the names of Thanos’ two adopted daughters’ who fight to try to defeat him? (Gamora and Nebula)
  12. BONUS BONUS: What is Professor X’s real name from X-Men?  (Professor Charles Francis Xavier)
Beth Meverden


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