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GAME: Zoom Mafia

By March 31, 2020Digital Events/Activities

You’ve most likely played Mafia, if you haven’t check the basic game rules and instructions out here. Try playing on Zoom, with the instructions below…we did it with our youth group and it was a blast!


  • Roles: In a private message in the Zoom chat box, have the mayor of the game send roles to each student. (To simplify, you can tell students if they don’t get a message they are a townsperson).
    • play with as many roles as you would like (see classic mafia gameplay for more details on goals and roles)


  • Sleep Phase: instead of having students point to the people they want to save, accuse, kill, etc. have the students send a private message back to the mayor.
    • you can have students keep their eyes open or you can play like normal and have everyone close their eyes


  • Accusations: It helps to go with the first two names the mayor hears or sees typed.


  • Voting: You can have students use the raise hand feature when voting if the host is the mayor. You can also use the reactions or have students use the chat feature, depending on your group. (Reactions go away fast so either count quick or have them keep clicking the reaction until you are done counting)


  • TIPS:
    • To help keep track of players still in the game the host can edit their name by going to the “…” in the top right corner of the participants screen and add “(RIP)”
    • Make sure your screen is in gallery mode so you can see everyone.
    • Some things might work differently for each group, let us know what works or doesn’t work for your group! [email protected]
    • Have fun!
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How I used this in my context
We played this on ZOOM for our first online group. We had 30 students playing and they LOVED it!
Mandy VanHolsbeck


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