Get Students Interacting with Your Program LIVE via Instagram

By March 20, 2020April 14th, 2021Youth Group Online/Program Ideas

Our ministry used the program Event Feed Live to display Instagram posts using our unique hashtag, #CovidGOSM. We got a lot of positive feedback on how students like being able to see themselves on the screen and seeing other students who are participating in the service as well.

We encouraged them to take photos of themselves (showing us where they were watching from) at the beginning of the program.

The second was a giveaway and they had to take a funny picture with toilet paper.

The third was a giveaway and they had to take a picture of themselves and the Bible open. It was really cool to see all the photos of the students with a Bible in their hands and the creative ways they incorporate it.

We had this going through the entire service. Check the playback out (above).

A pro tip that we learned: Because our feed is on a 2-3 minute delay we have time for our tech team to approve pictures and get them on the screen!

You can check out their website for

How I used this in my context
We used it during our live Student Service
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