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How Doug & Josh Are Using DYM Like CRAZY in their OWN Youth Ministry

This week in our junior high ministry we used DYM like crazy! It was SUCH a fun and engaging time with our students! Here are the elements we used (and a YouTube timestamp if you want to skip ahead and actually watch us using DYM in our online youth group):

It was such a fun online youth group! If you’re not Gold Member yet, we have a 60-day FREE trial (which we’ve never done before) for you to taste & see that the Gold Member is good (actually, the Greatest Deal in the History of Youth Ministry) … what are you waiting for? NO credit card, no strings attached.

The DYM Gold member FREE trial gets you 60 days of store credit, access to Sidekick, games, downloads & and 60 days to experiment taking your ministry to the next level. We’re thrilled to offer it to you and we (Doug/Josh) are even more thrilled to use in in our own ministry.

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