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IDEA: Increase Engagement on Your Livestream

Last Wednesday we took our Youth Group live online for the very first time. Who knew if it would even work? One major fear of mine was that not many students would tune in for it live, so we came up with this idea:

Near the beginning of the livestream, I challenged students watching to invite friends to the stream and if their friend commented with their name, I would reward them later in the week with some candy. Students took to the idea and started sending texts to friends right then inviting them. Pretty soon we had friends jumping into the live feed and commenting their friends name! It was so exciting to see students instantly invite friends and instantly see their friends check it out!

The next day I went out and made deliveries of candy to those students, recording it on our Instagram channel. I could easily see this scaling by having various adult leaders do this for the students in their small groups.

Incentivizing students with the delivery of a fun treat really worked for us – offer pizza, lunch from their favorite fast food, anything you know they love…hope this idea helps during this time of social distancing!

How I used this in my context
We did this during our youth group online to get students to invite friends to the livestream.
Ken Leslie


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