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IDEA: Quarantine-Themed “Thank You Notes” à la Jimmy Fallon

A big win for our program last week was having leaders submit 15 second videos of themselves writing their weekly thank you notes – mimicking Jimmy Fallon’s weekly segment. It was an easy way to include a wide variety of leaders, and for the kids to be able to “see” more of the adults they’re used to being with weekly, rather than just the few of us comfortable with hosting live videos. Bonus – it had us all laughing a lot!!

As always, use wisdom in knowing which leaders can make which jokes and have them come across as  funny, rather than hitting too close to home and crossing the line to be mean.

Here are the ones we used for inspiration!

  • Thank you… ZOOM virtual backgrounds… because nothing makes me feel closer to my friends like pretending we’re all millions of miles away in space.
  • Thank you… social distancing… for proving that being extroverted is overrated.
  • Thank you… Coronavirus instagram challenges… for giving me a list of people to unfollow.
  • Thank you… quarantine… for teaching me how to spell the word quarantine.
  • Thank you… cancelled events… for giving me more time to binge Nextflix – I mean, read my Bible.
  • Thank you… staying six feet apart… for making sure that Red and Blue will never make Purple.
  • Thank you… coronavirus news… for finally figuring out a way to end all these political ads.
  • Thank you…  prom potentially being cancelled… my guys were having a hard time finding dates anyway!
  • Thank you… social isolation… for giving my girls time to learn even more TikTok dances
How I used this in my context
Small group leaders sent in 15 second videos of themselves, which we compiled and played as a part of our weekly youth group live on Instagram.
Katie Calawa


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