IDEA: Student Ministry Spirit Week

Every school year there is one magical week where students, teachers, and even the school administration go all out to show school spirit and unity. 

And, in the midst of sheltering in place, we thought our students could use a little bit of levity…and a reason to change out of pjs.

Student Ministry Spirit Week is an easy plug-and-play, daily connecting point with your students and leaders.

We’ve included a sample five days here, but this came from two people who each brought a Costume tub into the marriage… the beauty of Spirit Week is that you can go with what you have on-hand! To make it even easier to tweak to your liking, we’ve included some alternate suggestions below.

It’s Spirit week! Take a photo of yourself in full Spirit apparel and tag us on social media… don’t have social media? Text or email it to us, or have your parents send it in!

MONDAY: Crazy Hair Day

Whether you style it, dye it with some Kool-Aid, or decide to rock the “woke up like this and haven’t washed it in a week”—tag us in a photo of your CRAZY HAIR!

TUESDAY: Decade Day

We’re going back in time like it’s October 21, 1985! In your opinion, who wore it best: the 1980’s, the 1890’s, or the 2250’s? (where presumably everyone will be wearing outfits made of very thin metal… similar to tinfoil.)

WEDNESDAY: Student Ministry Swag Day

Dig through your closet for your favorite Student Ministry swag! Shirts, hats, foam fingers, whatever! Rep our ministry with pride! (Bonus points for including an invitation to our Midweek meet-up in your post!)


Memes are hilarious and so are you! Recreate your favorite meme. Feeling extra creative? Enlist the help of your parents or siblings!

FRIDAY: Dynamic Duo

Pair up with a buddy. Post your half of the duo and tag your friend to post the other half. Just because you’re not in the same place doesn’t mean you’re without your Sidekick!


Alternate ideas

Again, no need to buy any supplies—get creative with what you have on-hand!

Pajama Day: Now, just because it’s PJ day, it doesn’t give you an excuse to wear just any old jammies! We’re talking Snuggies, A onesie with feet, the Mickey Mouse pajamas your Grandma bought you in 4th grade… Let’s see ‘em! (LEADER NOTE: This would work really well for a night you’re hosting a Netflix Party)

• School Pride Day: We’re all a little homesick for school… who’d have ever thought we’d say that?! Show your School Pride by posting a photo in a school shirt, your band uniform, cheer uniform, P.E. uniform, costume from the play, letterman jacket… the list goes on and on!

• Made-Up Superhero Day: Find a bunch of stuff laying around the house or taking up space in the garage and create your own Superhero! Tag us in a photo of you in your Hero Pose. Don’t forget to give your hero a name and some special abilities!

• TV/Movie/Book Day: It’s time to embody your all-time favorite character. Put together his/her signature look and post a photo or video of you doing your best impersonation.



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