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IDEA: Zoom Mystery Guest

Here is a fun idea you can program into any of your Zoom or Google Hang meetings!

  1. Get someone who your students know, but would not normally be in your online meeting, to be there as a “Mystery Guest”.
  2. Let the mystery guest in the meeting before anyone else, wearing a mask or something disguising their face so their identity isn’t revealed.
  3. Be sure the mystery guest changes their display name under their video feed.
  4. Let students ask one Yes or No question each, until someone figures out who it is.
  5. Utilize the mystery guest as the person who will read a passage, pray, be interviewed by you to reinforce your sermon/message, or someone to play a fun game with!
How I used this in my context
I had a girl who graduated last year as our first one; they loved it when they saw it was her. Then I asked her questions about her freshman year in college, and let students ask her questions as well.


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