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Orange Students: 30 Ways to Digitally Connect with Students

By March 26, 2020Digital Events/Activities

Our friends at Orange Students gathered some great ideas from youth ministers across the nation for connecting with students during the Coronavirus pandemic, check these ideas out!

Youth pastors have a lot of jobs already—and COVID-19 added one (or five) more.

Such as Digital Innovation Expert. Or . . . Director of Zoom Calls. Something like that.

That’s why, here at Orange, we’ve been loving conversations with really smart ministry leaders—people like you who have already pioneered some innovative solutions to help youth ministries connect digitally.

And, we want to share some of those amazing ideas here so we can learn from each other.

Heads up, there are dozens of ways to pull off each of these ideas. That’s why the list below is simply starting points. After all, what one group thinks is cool is what another group thinks is ridiculous (but you know, not in the cool way). So it’s important to contextualize and figure out how this works best in your context with your specific students!

Even better—if you have ideas of something you’ve seen or done that you’d like to submit to help other ministries, let us know and connect with us in our Facebook Community!

Find 30 ways to digitally connect with students HERE!

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