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Orange Students: At-Home Easter Experience

EASTER JAM by Orange

This year—families can’t celebrate Easter the way they traditionally have. But – that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate. Easter is the biggest celebration of the year for the Church and one of the best opportunities for families inside and outside your church to connect with your ministry. Easter Jam was crafted so that the whole family (even high schoolers) could share a meaningful Easter celebration.

Download it for FREE and make Easter more meaningful than ever for families in your community.

Easter Jam includes:

A VIDEO EXPERIENCE you can download and share or customize

An INSTRUCTION GUIDE for the family

A MEDIA KIT to help you share the experience with your community

With Easter Jam the families in your community can celebrate the greatest moment in history, create a lasting family memory, and stay connected to you – their local church.

Access the fully done-for-you or customizable content at

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