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PARENT RESOURCE: Daily Devotionals & Mealtime Convos

By March 22, 2020Pastoral Care

Living on the Edge (by Chip Ingram) is supporting parents during this unprecedented time with a few valuable resources! Share this in your next parent email or newsletter as a way to support and encourage families during COVID-19.

Parent can sign up to receive these for free:

Daily Discipleship with Chip. Sit down with a cup of coffee and your Bible and walk through the book of Philippians with Chip Ingram as your guide. These short videos are designed to help you dig into the Bible and grow closer to God.

Mealtime Conversations. Let’s be honest… if your kids are at home ALL DAY they have plenty of time to set their new Xbox high score or communicate with their friends on Snapchat or Instagram. Why not take one MEALTIME per day as parents to build deeper family connections? We’ll show you how – giving you conversation ideas and fun family activities.



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