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Senior Hot Seat

By April 28, 2020April 14th, 2021Digital Events/Activities

We typically take all of our graduating seniors out together for a big breakfast. While we are there, we discuss youth group memories, both good and bad. The primary purpose is to spend time with them and honor them, but it does serve as an exit interview, too. Senior Hot Seat is an alternative to that during this time.

Rather than share a meal with the entire graduating class, I do Senior Hot Seat with 1 senior at a time. I deliver hot wings to their house and take an order home with me, too. Then, we eat very hot wings and discuss their years in youth group on a Zoom call. The entire thing is recorded and shared later with the rest of youth group.

I have included instructions, our graphic, and one of our videos as an example.

How I used this in my context
I record the video early in the week and show one per week during our youth group time on Sunday night.
Jeff Selph


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