Share your COVID-19 related YM idea

Submit things you have found, used, or created for your ministry setting during COVID-19 that you have found useful.Things you can submit:

  • CONTENT – an actual thing you created and used for your ministry (a letter, email, video, game, program ideas, link to your recorded online youth program, etc.)
  • IDEAS (ex. “here is a game I played with my students that was a hit”, here is some strategy we came up with for ministering during COVID-19, etc.)
  • LINKS to articles, resources, free stuff, blogs, etc.
We’ll organize it all so it’s easy to find. Let’s do this together!
You can share anything -- something you created or found that many other youth workers would find helpful in this unique season! (videos, articles, pro tips, etc) The more easily someone can grab this and make it their own, the better!
If this was your idea put your name, if it was someone else's put their name
You are agreeing to share your idea for free with the youth ministry world on our COVID-19 response page -- let us say thanks on behalf of them!