The Life in 6 Words “Pandemic Proof” Faith Sharing app (by Dare 2 Share)

By April 17, 2020April 14th, 2021Ministry Strategy
We are living at a time where teen anxiety and depression are being accelerated like never before because of the Coronavirus pandemic. But when the Christian teenagers in our youth groups are mobilized to reach out to their unbelieving friends with the message of Jesus, not only do they bring hope to the hopeless, but they grow spiritually in the process!

But how do you mobilize your teenagers to evangelize when the world is on lock down due to this pandemic? How can your teenagers engage in Gospel witnessing in an age of social distancing?

Introducing Dare 2 Share’s newly updated “pandemic proof” Life in 6 Words app!
Your teens can use it to navigate Gospel conversations both verbally and virtually. Using the app’s brand new “audio story” functionality, teenagers can share the Good News of Jesus from the safety of their own homes! They can use the app to record their story and share God’s story in a clear and compelling way.
In addition, you can create faith sharing groups within the app so that your teenagers can pray for and encourage each other as Gospel conversations unfold with their friends. Your teenagers can put the names of their unreached friends in a “Cause Circle” that will remind them to pray for, care for and share the Gospel with them.
Download this app and try it out for yourself. Then train your teens to use it right away.
Now is the time for our teens to reach their friends for Jesus. This world is in desperate need of some good news and the Gospel is the best news ever!
The Life in 6 Words app is free on the App Store and Google Play. You can also find out more information at
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